Join the SOIA

Why should you join?

The Silhouette Owners International Association welcomes new members. You don't need to own a Silhouette - the association is for anyone with an interest in small craft.

As a member you will get access to a wide range of technical information, plus regular copies of the magazine. You will also be able to tap into the combined knowledge of the other members. Over the years, our members have restored or improved many hundreds of Silhouettes and have a genuine interest in helping others do the same.

S.O.I.A. members also organises cruises and rallys in many parts of the country (and sometimes abroad). For more information about recent and planned events look on our Facebook page. Anyone can view this, and you don't need to be a member to register and take part in the discussions (although obviously we would prefer that you did join in order to support the Association).

SOIA Membership Application

To apply to become member, please fill in the information below and send it to Currently members can join for free until the annual subscriptions are due on 1st November.

Note that it is a condition of membership that you agree to uphold the Rules & Constitution of the Silhouette Owners International Association (S.O.I.A.).

You should note that we keep our records on computer files at various locations, and include them in membership lists which are published from time to time. You should advise us if you have an objection to these. However, we can assure you that your personal details are not sent out to anyone outside of the SOIA.

Please send the following information to

First Name:
Telephone number (home):
Telephone number (mobile):
E-mail address:
Type of Boat:
Wood or GRP:
Boat's Name:
Sail Number:
Build Number (this is usually stamped inside locker doors, and on the Lloyds label on S 111's):
Moored/kept at:
Where did you hear about the SOIA?:
Why would you like to become a member?:
Any other relevant details: